The Light of Understanding concert is a unique cultural event, which uses art (music, dance, spoken
word, pantomime...) to symbolically highlight the fact that people of different views, nationalities,
religions, and ethnicities can mutually respect each other.
It is a remarkable meeting of artists and their audience, people who represent a wide range of social groups. Since 2004, this concert has been held annually in the Old Town of Prague, where a Jewish temple, the Spanish Synagogue, stands just a few meters away from a Christian place of worship, the Church of Holy Spirit.

This concert is also an exceptional musical experience. Every year, the choice of participants aims to include a wide variety of musical expressions and genres, which means that, for instance, classical music can meet on the same stage with alternative music, flamenco, folk music, rock, and even jazz. Over the years, this concert featured artists from all over the world, from the United States, India, and Israel, all the way to many states of the European Union.

Since 2013, when the project was included in the programme of the European Capital of Culture, it also takes place each year in the Slovak town of Košice. In 2015, the concert was part of programme of the European Capital of Culture in Pilsen, and in 2017, the concert took place in the Rudolfinum concert hall in Prague.

Intercultural and interreligious meeting takes place not only on the stage but also in the audience. The project made a significant impact in cultural diplomacy. Invited participants tend to feature not only members of the diplomatic corps of countries of the EU or the USA, but also diplomats from countries such as Morocco, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, and Afghanistan – who meet here with representatives of Israel. Music and art thus manifest their ability to link and unite people.


Iva Bittová - finale 5774 Kindertransport to Theresienstadt

Lecha Dodi -  Slovenská televizia dokument Svetlo Porozumenia
Štátne divadlo Košice
Musica Iuvenalis
Chorus Comenianus
folklórny súbor Železiar
Vladimír Urban 

5774 - Kindertrasport to Theresienstadt
Španělská synagoga

Morenito de Triana - Bajani Flamenca
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